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Welcome to Swedish Book Review on the web! SBR was launched in 1983. It publishes two main issues every year. The main aim of SBR is to present Swedish literature to the English-speaking world. It carries translated extracts from the works of Swedish writers, often together with an introductory article.

2014:2 issue 2014:2 Issue

Our 2014:2 issue features the work of Jens Liljestrand, Jesper Weithz and Karin Boye; we have a survey of Swedish Children's Books in the UK 1950-2010, an article on translating Göran Tunström, a feature on Crossover Fiction in Swedish, and a special section dedicated to graphic novels and comics, featuring the work of Lina Neidestam, Marcus Ivarsson, Pär Thörn et al.

2014:1 issue 2014:1 Issue

Our 2014:1 issue offers a selection of great stories: a visit from none other than the Devil takes Maria Ernestam’s protagonist by surprise; Jenny Åkervall’s political thriller is a must for those who enjoyed BBC4’s successful Danish acquisition Borgen; family relationship malfunction overlaps with social and political tensions in Åsa Foster’s story set in contemporary South Africa; and a melancholy and mysterious London mansion plays a starring role in Gabriella Håkansson’s new historical novel. The issue also combines homage to arguably the greatest fictional detective of all time with a crime story set in early-twentieth century Helsinki. Our Bookshelf is bulging at the seams with exciting, readable new titles in the fields of fiction, non-fiction and books for young adults.

2013:2 issue 2013:2 Issue

Our 2013:2 issue includes features on work by Kerstin Ekman, two volumes of 'campaigning literature' by Christian Petri and Maciej ZarembaStig Claesson's Graybeard the Tomte, a report on a literary translation workshop entitled Time-Travelling Translators, a feature on a new home for up-and-coming experimental writing, an article on translators from the Scandinavian languages (and what they are paid), the presentation of the first Petrona Award, and a translation from Mikael Niemi's recent Fallwater.

2013:S issue 2013:S Issue

COOL Swedish Titles from Finland

On a per capita basis, there are said to be more works of literature written by Swedish speakers in Finland than anywhere else in the world. This special issue of Swedish Book Review introduces a selection of recently published gems. It is part of FILI (the Finnish Literary Exchange) and the Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland's investment in raising the profile of Finland-Swedish literature abroad. Finland will be the Guest of Honour at the 2014 Frankfurt Book Fair, the world's largest and most important industry event, and FILI is in charge of coordinating Finland's presence at that event. 

Space constraints have obliged us to restrict ourselves to prose fiction, poetry and young adult literature. The selection is intended to give you a taste, and we hope it will spur you on to read even more and develop a life-long addiction to Finland-Swedish literature.

Bestsellers from Sweden

This month's bestseller lists from Sweden (provided by Svensk bokhandel):

Tjänsten levererad av Svensk Bokhandel

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