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Abukhanfusa, Kerstin

Author A Tribute to Laurie Thompson 1938-2015 2016:1 Article, In Memoriam

Adolfsson, Mattias

Illustrator Bobo i apskolan (Bobo Goes to Ape School)  2015:1 Review

Ahlin, Lars

Author OM (IF)  2004:1 Review

Ahlkarp, Magnus

Author De gyllene åren (The golden years) 1999:S Translation

Ahlström, Gabriella

Author De oförglömliga (The Unforgettable)  2010:1 Review

Ahlström, Gunnar

Author Book publishing in Sweden and the future of Norstedts 1997:2 Article

Ahndoril, Alexander

Author Diplomaten (The Diplomat)  2010:2 Review
Author Regissören (The Director)  2007:1 Review
Author Thaiboxaren (The Thai boxer) 1999:S Translation

Alakoski, Susanna

Author Svinalängorna (The Pigsties)  2007:2 Review

Alevras, Dimitris

Author Världens sista kväll (The World's Last Night) 2017:1 Translation, Introduction
Author Världens sista kväll (The World's Last Night)  2016:1 Review

Alfvén, Inger

Author Det blåa skåpet (The Blue Cupboard) 2000:1 Translation
Author Imorgon bitti ska du passa dig (Tomorrow Morning You'd Better Be Careful) 2000:1 Translation

Allen, Marie see also Andersson, Marie

Reviewer Betraktandet av hundar (Studying/Watching Dogs)  1997:2 Review
Reviewer Blixthalka (Treacherous Ice)  2008:2 Review
Reviewer Det gudomliga barnet (The Divine Child)  1999:1 Review
Reviewer Fallet Osmo Vallo (The Osmo Vallo Case)  2004:1 Review
Reviewer Flickvännen (The Girlfriend)  2010:1 Review
Reviewer Hem (Homes)  1997:1 Review
Translator Hon går genom tavlan, ut ur bilden (She walks through the painting, out of the picture) 1999:S Translation
Reviewer Kärlekens innersta rum (The Innermost Room of Love)  1997:1 Review
Reviewer Livet deluxe (Life de Luxe)  2011:2 Review
Reviewer Min son fäktas mot världen (My Son Fences Against the World)  2001:1 Review
Reviewer Potensgivarna (The Potency Givers)  2005:1 Review
Reviewer Pulver (Powder)  2001:1 Review
Translator Saknaden (The Void) 2003:S Translation
Reviewer Singel i sumpan (Single in the Suburbs)  2002:1 Review
Reviewer Så går en dag ifrån vårt liv och kommer aldrig åter (And So Another Day is Gone from Our Life, Never to Return)  1999:1 Review
Reviewer Till Ester (To Ester)  2001:2 Review
Reviewer Vårfrost (Spring Frost)  1996:1 Review
Reviewer Vännen (The Friend)  2004:2 Review

Alsterdal, Tove

Author Låt mig ta din hand (Let Me Take Your Hand)  2015:2 Review

Alving, Barbro

Author Dagbok från Långholmen (Långholmen diary) 1997:1 Translation
Author Från landet (Country cousins) 1997:1 Translation

Alvtegen, Karin

Author Fjärilseffekten (The Butterfly Effect)  2013:2 Review

Anderman, G

Author Proceedings of the Tenth Biennial Conference of the British Association of Scandinavian Studies  1997:1 Review

Anderman, Gunilla

Subject of Article Gunilla Anderman 1938-2007 2007:2 Article
Reviewer Skuggpojkarna (Turning to the Lower Depths)  2000:1 Review

Anderson, Håkan

Author Breven (The Letters)  2005:2 Review

Andersson, Bernt-Olov

Author Syrenernas tid (Lilac Time)  1996:1 Review

Andersson, Bibi

Author Ett ögonblick (A moment) 1999:1 Translation

Andersson, Christoph

Author Operation Norssken: om Stasi och Sverige under kalla kriget (Operation Northern Lights: Sweden and the Stasi during the Cold War)  2013:2 Review

Andersson, Claes

Author Hjärtats rum: valda dikter 1962-2012 (Chambers of the Heart) 2013:S Introduction, Translation

Andersson, Erik

Author Dag ut och dag in med en dag i Dublin (Day In and Day Out with One Day in Dublin)  2012:2 Review
Author Den larmande hopens dal (The Valley of the Clamorous Crowd)  2009:1 Review

Andersson, Jan-Erik

Author WOW. Ansikter om finländsk arkitektur (WOW. Opinions on Finland's Architecture)  2014:2 Review

Andersson, Lars

Author Artemis (Artemis) 2000:S Introduction, Translation
Author Artemis (Artemis)  1996:1 Review
Author Kavita (Kavita)  2001:2 Review
Author Platsens ande: En bok om Tage Aurell (The Spirit of the Place: A Book About Tage Aurell)  1998:1 Review

Andersson, Lena

Author Du är alltså svensk? En triptyk (But You Are Swedish, Aren't You? A Triptych)  2005:2 Review
Author Duck City  2008:1 Review

Andersson, Marie see also Allen, Marie

Reviewer Det goda inom dig (The Kindness of Your Nature)  2012:1 Review
Reviewer Doften av en man (The Scent of a Man)  2017:2 Review
Reviewer Drömmar i vaket tillstånd (Dreaming While Awake)  2016:2 Review

Andersson, Mats

Author ingen är så söt som du ;-) (you're the cutest ;-)) 2008:1 Introduction, Translation

Andersson, Sten

Author Aktörerna (The Actors)  1996:1 Review
Author Hasard: En management-thriller (Hazard: A Management Thriller)  1996:1 Review

Andersson Åkerblom, Tobias

Author Modeslavar: den globala jakten på billigare kläder (Slaves to Fashion: the Global Hunt for Cheaper Clothing)  2017:2 Review

Andhé, Stefan

Author En vind genom gräset (A Breeze through the Grass)  1997:2 Review

Andrews, Malin

Reviewer Det som muser viskat. Sju frågor och hundra svar om skapande och kreativitet (What the Muses have Whispered. Seven Questions and a Hundred Answers about Creating and Creativity)  2003:2 Review
Reviewer Låset av ull: Utsikter över andliga landskap (The Lock of Wool: Views of Spiritual Landscapes)  2003:2 Review

Andrews, Malin Bergman

Author Emilia Fogelklou, människan och gärningen - en biografi  2000:1 Review

Antas, Maria

Author Like a Child on a Literary Expedition: An Autumn of Books About the Senses 2005:S Translation, Article

Antti, Gerda

Author Livet skriver kapitel (Life Writes its Chapters)  2003:1 Review

Anyuru, Johannes

Author De kommer att drunkna i sina mödrars tårar (The Rabbit Yard)  2017:2 Review
Author En storm kom från paradiset (A Storm Blew in from Paradise)  2013:1 Review
Author Skulle jag dö under andra himlar (If I Were to Die Under Other Skies)  2011:1 Review

Archer, Clive

Reviewer Uppdrag fred (Assignment Peace)  1998:2 Review

Ardelius, Gunnar

Author Friheten förde oss hit (The Love of Liberty Brought Us Here) 2013:1 Introduction, Translation

Ardelius, Lars

Author Hammarens slag och hjärtats: roman om de första Vallonerna (Hammer blows and heartbeats: a novel about the first of the Walloons)  2005:1 Review
Author Världens ställe: herrgårdsroman (The Ideal Place: A Country-House Novel)  2001:2 Review

Arnegren, Niklas

Author Opening New Doors for Swedish Books in the US 2003:2 Article

Aronson, Stina

Author Hitom himlen (This side of the sky)  2005:1 Review

Arrhenius (ed.), Sara

Author Resan till månen (A Trip to the Moon)  2012:2 Review

Asklund, Erik

Author Rambling around the Stockholm waterfront 1998:S Translation

Aspenström, Werner

Author Israpport (Ice Report) 1998:1 Translation

Augustsson, Lars Åke

Author Sveavägen  2002:1 Review

Axelsson, Majgull

Author Aprilhäxan (The April Witch) 2000:S Translation
Author Den jag aldrig var (The Woman I Never Was)  2005:1 Review
Author Den jag aldrig var (The Woman I Never Was) 2005:2 Introduction, Translation
Author En stad av slott (A City of Castles)  2003:1 Review
Author Is och vatten, vatten och is (Ice and Water, Water and Ice)  2009:2 Review
Author Jag heter inte Miriam (My Name is not Miriam)  2014:2 Review
Author Slumpvandring (Random migration)  2000:2 Review

Axelsson, Sun

Author Linnés dröm (Linnæus' Dream) 1998:1 Translation
Author Sand (Sand) 1998:1 Translation

Axmacher, Susanne

Author Manifesto for a New Literary Decade 2009:2 Translation
Author Nymfens Tid (Season of the Nymph)  2013:2 Review

Current Issue: 2018:2

Issue 2018-2

  • Johanna Nilsson, from The Greener Abyss
  • Karin Boye, from Astarte
  • C Claire Thomson, Love Without Lovers, Words Without Images: On Ingmar Bergman's Unrealised Screenplays
  • Robin Fulton Macpherson, Remembering Östen Sjöstrand
  • Charlotte Berry, Nordic Literary Translators Joan Tate and Patricia Crampton
  • Jan Holmberg, from The Writer Ingmar Bergman
  • Ingmar Bergman, from Work Diaries 1955-1974
  • Jenny Jägerfeld, from Comedy Queen
  • Ingmar Bergman, Writing Through a Glass Darkly
  • Bookshelf, edited by Fiona Graham
  • Just Out and Coming Up

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