This page allows detailed searching of our reviews database, which contains details of all reviews which have appeared in Swedish Book Review from 1995 to date. The full text of reviews is available from 2002 onwards.

Enter part or all of the title, in Swedish or English

Enter part or all of the title you are searching for, in Swedish or English.

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Enter the full ISBN or the first few digits. Do not use spaces, dashes or hyphens.
If you are familiar with the ISBN format, you can use this field to search for specific group/country identifiers (e.g. 97891 for Sweden) or publishers (e.g. 9789146 for Wahlström & Widstrand – refer to this list of Swedish publisher codes for further details).
Titles published before 2006 are listed using the 10-digit ISBN; those published after 2006 use the 13-digit ISBN (typically beginning 978).


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