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2008:2 Issue

Swedish Book Review 2008:2 issueFrom the Editorial

The summer of 2008 has been another period of change for Swedish Book Review ­ albeit one perhaps not as immediately noticeable as the last significant change, in 2003, when SBR moved from its home of twenty years under the editorship of Laurie Thompson in Wales, to the University of East Anglia in Norwich where its current publisher, Norvik Press, has been based since 1986. With the closure this summer of the Scandinavian department in Norwich, Norvik Press is now pleased to be affiliated to University College London, home to a thriving and dynamic Scandinavian department.

The closure of the Scandinavian department in Norwich leaves just two universities in the UK teaching Scandinavian languages and literatures to degree level: University College London, and Edinburgh University. The decline in the number of school children opting to study "difficult" subjects like languages (now that language-study is optional in UK schools from the age of fourteen), and the loss of so many Scandinavian departments from universities in the UK over the past twenty-five years cannot but raise fears about precisely where future generations of UK translators from Swedish to English are going to come from.

Mare KandreSensibility, Anguish and Humour: The Work of Mare Kandre (1962-2005)
Eric Dickens
We are proud to present the first English-language retrospective of the work of the sorely missed Mare Kandre. That none of Kandre's work has yet been published in English is one of the curious mysteries which the publishing world occasionally throws up.

Aliide, Aliidefrom Aliide, Aliide
Mare Kandre
Translated by Eric Dickens
Eric Dickens presents his translation of an extract from Mare Kandre's 1991 "Swedish Gothic" novel Aliide, Aliide.
[Aliide, Aliide, Albert Bonniers förlag, 2005 edn., 270pp. ISBN 9789100109622]

Sara Stridsbergfrom Valerie Jean Solanas will be President of America
Sara Stridsberg
Translated and introduced by Darcy Hurford
Sara Stridberg's much lauded play about Valeire Solanas, the American feminist, activist and writer chiefly notorious for shooting Andy Warhol, is the first piece of drama featured in SBR for several years, an oversight that we are pleased to rectify here.
[Valerie Jean Solanas ska bli president i Amerika, 2006.]

From the Dutch translation of Mikael Niemi's Populärmusik från VittulaSwedish Literature in Dutch Translation at De Geus Publishers
Janny Middelbeek-Oortgiesen
Translated by Eric Dickens
In the latest of our occasional series of articles about the position of Swedish translation in other countries, we look at the admirable success achieved by the Swedish translations in the catalogue of De Geus publishing house in the Netherlands.

Patricia CramptonRound the World in Sixty Years
Patricia Crampton
Lest we be inclined to conclude that the grass is always greener outside the UK for translators from Swedish, Patricia Crampton reminds us in a specially written memoir of the highlights and challenges she has experienced in a successful career as a translator spanning several decades.


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