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Gothenburg Book Fair
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2005:1 Issue
Swedish Book Review 2005:1 issue

In this issue we are pleased to present a wide range of material from some of our regular contributors through the years: urban "immigrant" fiction, crime fiction, new short stories, book fair reports, a very practical article about the impact of computers as translation tools, and the concluding part of the extended bibliography. Deservingly retired SBR editor Laurie Thompson pays tribute to another of our long-standing contributors, the late Göran Eriksson. We hope that the piece on Swedophile Italian publishing house Iperborea will be the first in a series from a number of countries.

Jonas Hassen Khemirifrom An Eye Red (Ett öga rött)
Jonas Hassen Khemiri
Translated by Laurie Thompson
Laurie Thompson introduces his translation of Jonas Hassen Khemiri's An Eye Red, providing a useful insight into the unusual form of Swedish used by Halim, the "hero" and narrator of the story, and explaining how he went about translating non-standard and "incorrect" forms into English.
Iperborea: A Pioneer Publisher in Italy
Carmen Giorgetti Cima
Translated by Tom Geddes
Carmen Giorgetti Cima discusses the history and development of Swedophile Italian publishing house Iperborea, from its early beginnings to the current situation, where after sixteen years of existence and 130 titles published, it can continue smoothly on its course and include in its programme of on average ten books a year both Scandinavian classics and newcomers.
Ninni HolmqvistTwo Stories from Supporting Roles
Ninni Holmqvist
Translated and introduced by Martin Murrell
Ninni Holmqvist has published three highly acclaimed works of fiction. Supporting Roles (Biroller, 2002) is a collection of twelve stories, mostly set in the author's native Skåne, which explore a wide range of human relationships and which develop the theme of people's inability or reluctance to achieve real communication with one another.

Göran R ErikssonGöran R Eriksson Remembered
Laurie Thompson
Laurie Thompson looks back over the life of Göran R Eriksson, who died in December 2004, and presents his translation of Eriksson's sonnet Julkort (Christmas Cards), written for the nursing staff taking care of Eriksson shortly before his death.

Åsa Larssonfrom Sun Storm
Åsa Larsson
Translated and introduced by Marlaine Delargy
Åsa Larsson was born in Kiruna in 1966. Solstorm (Sun Storm, 2003), Larsson's first novel, has attracted much critical acclaim for its literary qualities as well as its tense story line and strong characters. Marlaine Delargy presents her translation of an extract from the beginning of the novel, introducing some of the main characters.
Translation and Computing: Friends or Enemies?
Peter Linton
Today the word "translator" is still a job description - but for how much longer? Is translation doomed to be dehumanized and mechanized in our lifetimes? Will a "translator" be a machine, not a human? Peter Linton looks at this issue, and some of the computer-based tools for translators that have become available over the past few years.
The Gothenburg Book Fair 2004
Laurie Thompson, Neil Smith and Henning Koch
This year's vibrant Fair with its British theme impressed both long-term and first-time visitors. In a break with tradition, we present three different reflections on Sweden's largest annual literary event.
Sweden in English: Recent Books on Sweden
Compiled by Tom Geddes
This bibliography complements and continues that which appeared in SBR 2004:2 and comprises Society, Politics, Economics and Education, and History.

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