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2003:2 Issue
Swedish Book Review 2003:1 issue

The new-look Swedish Book Review has been attracting media attention in Sweden: it was one focus of a large article by journalist Marie Peterson in the cultural pages of Dagens Nyheter (14 May 2003).

We would like to extend warm thanks to the Trustees of the Anglo-Swedish Literary Foundation, who recently gave a generous and unlooked-for grant towards our costs. This has allowed us to print the 2003 Supplement, and large parts of the 2003:2 issue, in full colour.

Theodor KallifatidesAbout Translation
Theodor Kallifatides

On a recent visit to London, Theodor Kallifatides addressed an audience composed largely of translators and others working to build bridges between Swedish and British culture. After this successful visit he generously accepted our invitation to write a short piece for SBR on the subject of translation.
Theodor Kallifatidesfrom A New Land Outside My Window
Theodor Kallifatides

Translated by Peter Linton
Theodor Kallifatides was born in Molai in Greece in 1938, and moved to Sweden at the age of 26. He was the editor of Bonniers Litterära Magasin 1972-1976 and since then has written for many journals and newspapers. A New Land Outside My Window has not yet been translated into any other languages.
Kerstin Ekmanfrom City of Light
Kerstin Ekman

Translated and introduced by Linda Schenck
City of Light is the fourth and concluding volume of Women and the City, a tetralogy published in Swedish between 1974 and 1983. Linda Schenck introduces the novel and presents an extract from her recent translation.
US Flag and FarthingAcross the Pond(s): The Importance of Cultural Competence for Translators and Readers
Linda Schenck, Sarah Death & Dorothee Sporrong

For some time, Linda Schenck and Sarah Death have pursued a dialogue about words and expressions that readers of US contra UK English would find confusing or take exception to in a translation. Recently they began to realize that their conversation had reached a level that other like-minded language people might also find interesting. Here they discuss the importance of cultural competence with Swedish translator Dorothee Sporrong.
Katarina FrostensonEva RunefeltPoems
Katarina Frostenson & Eva Runefelt
In April 2003, the leading poet and playwright Katarina Frostenson, member of the Swedish Academy, was made a Chevalier of the Légion d'Honneur in recognition of her services to literature. Eva Runefelt was awarded the Ekelöf Prize in May 2003. Frank Perry introduces the two poets and presents his translations of some of their work.
Liza Marklundfrom On the Run
Liza Marklund
On the Run is Liza Marklund's debut novel. It received a lot of attention when it was first published in Sweden in 1995, but her real breakthrough came with The Bomber in 1998. Marion Greenway introduces On the Run and presents her translation of the opening pages of the novel.
Hjalmar SöderbergTwo Short Stories: Spleen and A Cup of Tea
Hjalmar Söderberg
Spleen and A Cup of Tea were both written by Hjalmar Söderberg in 1897 and published a year later. Alistair Gage introduces the stories and presents his translations of them.
Yrsa Steniusfrom Until His Wings Failed: A Book About Jussi Björling
Yrsa Stenius
The paradox in the life of the great Swedish tenor Jussi Björling was the extreme contrast between the seemingly effortless ease and calm beauty of his singing, and the heavy dependence on alcohol without which he could not control his fear of failure. In this chapter from her new study of his life, Yrsa Stenius describes a typical episode in which he hovers between brilliance and disaster.
USA and Swedish flagsOpening New Doors for
Swedish Books in the US
Niklas Arnegren
We report on the recent seminar Publishing Scandinavian Literature in Translation: Focus on Sweden co-hosted by the Consulate General of Sweden in New York and the Center for Publishing at New York University.

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